Activities and Things to do close to Santa Teresa Beach

Costa Rica is a wonderfully diverse country, offering numerous activities for vacationers. Whether you enjoy activities at the beach such as surfing or fishing for big-game fish such as sailfish and marlin or would like to visit the beautiful sites such as the Montezuma waterfall, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

Surf Lessons

At the Manta Raya, we have an on-site surf instructor qualified to ensure that you catch and ride your first waves.
Learn how to properly stretch prior to surfing
Learn how to paddle
Learn how to “pop-up” and stand on a surfboard
Instruction on a soft-top longboard
The instructor is a paramedic
LPN Nurse on site

Tortuga Island Tours

Off the coast of the Curu National Wildlife Reserve, Tortuga Island is a tropical island with white sand beaches lined with coconut palms and is only a short ride from Santa Teresa.

Savanna Tours can arrange day excursions to the Island

Included in the trip
Cruise to the Island
Soft Drinks and Beer


Bioluminescence Tour
The bioluminescence experience in Costa Rica can be one of the most spectacular nighttime tours you can take in Costa Rica.

The bioluminescent kayak tour of Costa Rica is one of the most popular, and on this tour, you can watch plankton glow in the dark from your first paddle stroke; It is truly a magical experience not to be missed.

As the night darkens, you’ll climb into your super-comfortable kayak and prepare for a personal encounter with this remarkable phenomenon; see how the ocean sparkles at some of Costa Rica’s exceptional destinations.

Canopy Tours

A short ride from Santa Teresa lies the small town of Montezuma. One of the premier attractions in the town is the Montezuma Waterfall Canopy Tour. The canopy is suspended high above the forest floor and utilizes a series of platforms, cables, and pully devices.
Local, English-Speaking Guides
The tour follows the Montezuma river
Views of Famous Waterfall
Tours at 9, 1 and 3

Sport Fishing

Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast offers fantastic fishing. The Pacific Ocean is incredibly calm and offers incredible opportunities for sport fishing.

You can catch the following on a Sport Fishing Trip.
Mahi Mahi

Horseback Riding

Explore the beaches of Santa Teresa, Mal Pais with a horseback riding tour